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Published by Supertortuga on 2017-02-09

I registered supertortuga.com on the 9th of February back in 2001, which means that the site now celebrates 16 years on the Internet!

This signifies, among other things, that Supertortuga has been present on Internet longer than Facebook. The well-known social network created by Mark Zuckberg was launched on Febraury 4th, 2004. And another famous network, namely Twitter, was launched in 2006. These are cold facts, which are tough to handle for these big companies.

And, what is more important, Supertortuga will still be here after fads like Facebook and Twitter are gone and long forgotten.

Supertortuga has been around so long that perhaps I can even be considered to be the founder of Internet!

Supertortuga was the sequel to the mighty Babar Overdrive, which was launched sometime back in 1999. Back then, the site focused on C64 games, which was a great interest of mine (and still is actually - these games were fine pieces of work, very original and still very enjoyable). During the first couple of years I worked really hard with the site, adding new sections such a Spanish-learning system with a verb conjugation function ahead of its time, and it also featured an extensive personal section. However, the site grew out of my hands, and it took too much of my time to prepare all the contents in Swedish, Spanish and English.

Time changes, and so do people, and I decided to downsize the contents, publish only in English and focus on the writing and the topics I am interested in today. But I keep using a format which is not depending on the big networks (the framework of Supertortuga is 100% written by the turtle himself).

I guess I cannot really promise to be around when Facebook is gone... But I hope you will have to stick with me for another 16 years!


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2017-02-09 13:20:10


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