A raincoat for my golden retriever

Published by Supertortuga on 2017-01-22
I have a raincoat integrated integrated in my shell

A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!, King Richard III yells out in a famous Shakespeare's play. Here on the Mediterrean coast of Spain it is either raining or snowing, and every dog owner knows that when it rains, after the daily walks your dog returns... humid, wet or soaking wet... So, we don't need a horse, but something would be very appreciated.

If you, like Supertortuga, have a big dog, you need to spend a lot of time drying the dog after each walk. And if you live in a flat or a house without a garden, there is no option; the dog must be well dry before entering your house. Although it does not rain very often here on the Azahar (orange flower) coast, but when it does rain, it literally falls down and it can last for days.

So, fed up of spending so much time drying our golden retriever, Mrs Supertortuga prepared a custom made raincoat. It covers most of the dog, and it does not impede its movements nor disturb her when she has to relieve her needs. And the best of all, our dog returns with all the fur of the torso dry, which means that we only need to dry its head, feet and tail.

My golden retriever posing with her raincoat

My golden retriever posing with her raincoat

My golden retriever posing with her raincoat
Any position is fine when wearing such a raincoat
Look how happy I am

If anybody would be interested in how the raincoat was made, drop me a line.


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