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Published by Supertortuga on 2002-12-28 and updated on 2016-02-01

Alf Vind Superstar

Goddammit? That the *%# is this?

In the beginning of time, when I was young and immature I was making comics with questionable contents. Now, when I am older and still as just as immature, I found some old sketches of Alf Vind, and I decided to scan and vectorise them... And to spread the garbage all over the Internet!

Just how cool is Alf Vind?

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So what's it all about?

A reasonable question. Since the whole comic is still not ready I cannot give any answer. Some would say that it's really about existential questions, form example the meaning of life. The vast majority of all thinking beings would dismiss this person as completely insane and without any perspective whatsoever. And, they would dismiss the comic with a motivation rather similar.

The cast

The are the main characters. You should study their complex personalities before getting head to head with the comic.

Alf Vind

Alf Vind

Alf Vind is a rather ordinary person, which however only has four fingers on his hands, and who's are set on fire at the most unexpected times. Several independent institutes have confirmed that the Alf's arms consists of pure sulphur, a founding that has caused confusion to the whole world of scientists. When nasty things are about to happen, Alf is more or less automatically transformed to CLV - the Caped Leather Avenger - a suspicious character which haunts the mayor time after another .

The Mayor

The Mayor

The Mayor is a man of action, which has managed to stay in the city council, despite that almost 97% of the population thinks that he is a clown. For reasons yet unknown he feels a strong disgust towards CLV. Despite this he is sometimes forced to use the services of CLV.



Babar is a stuffed cloth elephant with a trunk of asbestos. Babar is known for his ingenious ways of liquidating his enemies and sometimes also his friend. Is allied with CLV - though officially he denies the existence of CLV.

The giant cow

The giant cow

The giant cow is a miracle of modern engineering. The body consists of composites, ceramic plates and space steel. Has one small weakness - the legs are constructed by a mixture of lard, strawberry jam and recycled milk containers. Plays no substantial role in the story, but is a beautiful example of a brown and read country cow.

...and the big green

This is the first adventure about Alf Vind. When I have time I am drawing new new parts. The comic is published in PDF format.


Already after the first parts I received several letters of admiration and tons of hate letters. This are some of the most frequent questions about the comic and the answers to these questions.


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Jonathan Reed
2016-10-11 18:33:51

Having Babar is friend is dangerous, and bring his enemy is fatal.

2016-03-18 12:50:45

Who would you say would win a fight between Alf Vind and some other superhero, such as Batman, the Silversurfer or Robin Hood?

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