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Published by Supertortuga on 2017-03-17
My favourite character in Arne Dahl's novels is without doubt Arto Söderstedt.

Arne Dahl is the pen name used by Jan Arnald when writing his crime fiction novels. The writer was introduced to me by my father who gave me a book (I think it was "A Midsummer Night's Dream") and recommended me to read it. Since it was not the first book in the series, the different personalities of the Intercrime group (A-gruppen in Swedish) were already defined in the previous books, and I got to learn them better as I kept reading the earlier books.

The novels circle around the Intercrime group and their work to solve crimes with international connections. The persons forming the Intercrime in the group are the same throughout the series, but their personalities change and evolve as they get older and are affected by their experiences. Each book is set around a plot which relates to real world problems, such as cyber crime, prostitution, organized crime, etc. While the story is often crude, it is narrated with a humorist touch. I always look forward to reading the books in the Intercrime and Opcop series, and I am happy there are several ones still unread.

Books in the Intercrime (A-gruppen) series - original Swedish title (English title) year:

The Opcop series:

* The books I have read so far are marked with an asterisk.

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