Eternal Phase Universal Theory

Published by Supertortuga on 2016-05-01

Most people have heard about the Big Bang Theory, either as a theory that explains the origin of the universe or as a TV series. I am more interested in the former, even though it leaves out some vital parts. I mean, the theory behind big bang,claims that all mass in universe was concentrated in an infinitely small sized point with an enormous mass, in an empty space, which then exploded and began to expand through this empty space. This is not too easy for one to grasp.

Universe is in an expanding phase, and it is believed to continue its expansion until a point where the mass begins to contract, until it finally is concentrated in an infinitely small sized point with an enormous mass (the mass should be same as the last time it was concentrated in this small point).

And what happens then?

Well, probably this small point takes the oppurtunity to rest a bit, and then it explodes again. And it goes on like this, time after time. But, it is not anytime that is likely for us to witness during our lifetime, since the age of universe is estimated to some 13.798 billion years and it will probably continue its expansion for some more billion year during its current phase.

The questions I ask myself are uncomfortable, since they are difficult to answer. For example:

I know that the scientists have answers to these and similar questions, but since the answers lead to equally uncomfortable following quesions, I personnally find it easier to explain it using the creation stories which are found in most religions.


And now, ladies and gentlemen, after all this nonsense, we have finally reached the point which you have been waiting for. Let me present: EPUT.

When I think about it, EPUT is one hell of a fine theory.

During my period in upper second schooler, a colleague (Sjöstrand) and I formulated a theory of our own, titled Eternal Phase Universal Theory (which was stringently abbreviated to EPUT). Our theory would explain everything (therefore 'universal') and claimed that everything is repeated in recuuring phases. Had it not been for the fact that our theory was mainly the result of common nonsense, and also due to the fact that the Big Bang Theory had already beeb invented, EPUT would surely have been an establish theory today.

Moreover, EPUT can be applied to almost anything. Everything repeats itself, just like the chorus of old Thore Skoogman (a Swedish singer, RIP) songs. So, I would like to stand up for EPUT, an underestimated theory for the origin and beingnes for everything.


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2016-05-02 12:35:45

Interesting stuff. A good runner up to the Big Bang Theory

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