Everything on Supertortuga is false

Published by Supertortuga on 2016-12-31

Did this statemente come as a big surprise to you? If so, don't worry too much. The above type of sentence is called a liar paradox. Because if everything is indeed false, even the above statement must be false.

Everything I say is false

From Wikipedia we learn the following:

The simplest version of the paradox is the sentence:

  • This statement is false. (A)

If (A) is true, then "This statement is false" is true. Therefore, (A) must be false. The hypothesis that (A) is true leads to the conclusion that (A) is false, a contradiction.

If (A) is false, then "This statement is false" is false. Therefore, (A) must be true. The hypothesis that (A) is false leads to the conclusion that (A) is true, another contradiction. Either way, (A) is both true and false, which is a paradox.

However, that the liar sentence can be shown to be true if it is false and false if it is true has led some to conclude that it is "neither true nor false".[6] This response to the paradox is, in effect, the rejection of the claim that every statement has to be either true or false, also known as the principle of bivalence, a concept related to the law of the excluded middle.

The above is an extract from a long and detailed explanation of the liar paradox which can be read in its entirety on Wikipedia.

So, is everything on Supertortuga actually false? Well, read and judge for yourself.


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