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Published by Supertortuga on 2016-10-16

I revisited an old version of Supertortuga (dating back to around year 2003) and found a page with funny pictures which was one the most visited back then. Enjoy!

Sad donkey
Why the dragons were extinct
Fun on ice
Penalty kick #1
Penalty kick #2
Pepsi vs Cocacola
How to housebreak a dog
Bullfighting suite
I have no nose
IQ test for Norwegians #1. In the picture  there is a hidden elephant. Find it.
IQ test for Norwegians #2. It’s your turn. Your X. Good luck.
IQ test for Norwegians #3. Find the way through the labyrinth.
IQ test for Norwegians #4. Finish the drawing and guess the animal.
House of wood
The normal way of parking in Norway
Female drivers...
I should have suspected something when he opened the bottle of white wine...
Cactus erectus
Horror movie
Rolls Royce
Will work for sex
The effects of alcohol
Cool parking
The man’s best friend...
A zebra?
Portable computer
A somewhat crowded car
We have had our last Easter
The workers’ day - this is my kind of work
Say it with flowers
Agile man
Barbecue in the margarine factory (you need to understand some Swedish)
Lost puppy
Aircraft accident
His and hers
Swimming competition
Not tonight…
A jump
I like your piercing
Bomb technician
Double parking
Headless sunbathing
A robbery in the northern hemisphere
Santa Claus in year 2001
Tough ladies
Logical sign
One last one and then we’re out of here!
A confession
You are a very naughty elephant
Are you going to blame the dog for that one too?
Excuse me, sir... The restrooms are to your right
Strong dog
Windows keyboard
Nuns with guns
Hand washed
Do not spit loud
In the bar
Fun for the ladies
Accident, my ass! You never did like my mother!
In another bar
We’ll need the resignation in writing too
Stop complaining about your job #1
Stop complaining about your job #2
Stop complaining about your job #3
Stop complaining about your job #4
Stop complaining about your job #5
Rebellion balance
Don’t move!
Nice piercing
Security at work #1
Security at work #2
Security at work #3
Security at work #4
Suicide note


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