Recipe of the Valencian paella

Published by Supertortuga on 2016-01-24

Paella is a typical plate from Valencia, Spain. It is often prepared during the weekends, and you get the best result if you cook it over open fire using citrus or olive tree wood (but gas burners are often used). A well cooked paella is healthy and welltasting food, and in the Valencia region it is common to place the paella pan on the table and eat directly from it with a spoon.

Paella is the favourite food for tortoise.

This is a recipe of the original paella, which contains chicken and rabbit - for those who don't like rabbit, it can be replace with more chicken. It is important to use the right type of rice, and the Valencian people claim that the paella must be cooked using water from the region, or the paella won't be original. As a fact it is difficult to succeed preparing a 'genuine' paella if you do not have access to all the ingredients, but after all not all paellas must be the same.

The most important ingredient is the rice - all type of rice have different characteristics, and the best suited rice for paella is 'arroz bomba' (bomba rice), that is a short-grained, thick rice variante which is cultivated in the Valencia regione This rice species absorbs more water than other types of rice, which contributes to the typical consistence.

A Valencian paella prepared by Supertortuga himself

A Valencian paella prepared by Supertortuga himself

Ingredients per person:


We heat the oil in the paella pan, and when it starts to frizzle, we put on the chicken and rabbit meat cut in pieces, browning them carefully on medium heat.

Thereafter, we add the vegetables, also in pieces, and let them fry from a couple of minutes.

After that, making a hole in the centre of the paella, we fry the tomato, and when it starts to get colour, we add the paprika powder (carefully or the paella will get burnt or get a bitter taste). We stir everything well and add water up to the border of the paella pan.

We let the paella cook for around 30 minutes, and add some salt.

We add the rice and the saffron powder or the colouring, making sure the rice is well distributed in the pan, and let it cook vividly until the rice is done or the clear soup has evaporated completely.

Let it rest for some minutes and... To the table!

Advice for the making of a good paella


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