Red Fang

Published by Supertortuga on 2016-12-15

Red Fang is an American heavy rock band formed in 2005. It is composed of guitarist and vocalist Bryan Giles, bassist and vocalist Aaron Beam, guitarist David Sullivan and drummer John Sherman.

Their greatest hit "Prehistoric Dog" from their first album ("Red Fang") is one of my favorite songs all categories. Their second album ("Murder the Mountains") is a great follow-up which containes several great songs. To be honest I don't fully like the direction the band has taken with the latest albums ("Whales and Leeches" and "Only Ghosts"), but although I prefer the earlier material, I still enjoy listen to the more recent songs.

The band members seem to have a relaxed point of view for lifestyle, and this is also reflected in their music videos, which all have a humoristic touch.

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