The Midnight Ghost Train

Published by Supertortuga on 2016-09-12

One of my favourite music bands is the Midnight Ghost Train, which plays a heavy rock'n roll and gospel influenced music. The band is currently made up of three members; Steve Moss (guitar and vocals), Mike Boyne (bass) and Brandon Burghart (drums). Some would argue that with only one guitar the sound will be flat, but nothing could be less true. The band produces an amazingly heavy weave of guitar, bass, drums in combination with Steve`s characteristic voice.

I like their latest album (Cold was the ground, 2015) a lot, but my favourite is still their second album (Buffalo, 2012) featuring one of my all-time favourite songs "Henry".

This band tours a lot, and based on the videos and comments found on Youtube, their stage performance is pure energy. I relly hope I can see TMGT next time they visit Spain.

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2016-10-25 19:00:17

Great band! I wish I would have found this page earlier.

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