Winter in Spain (public enemy of my palm trees)

Published by Supertortuga on 2017-01-18
Being a turtle I am against the winter (as a concept).

The winter, albeit without snow but with cold winds, has arrived to the Spanish Mediterranean coast. The temperature during nighttime dropped to -1º last night and the daytime temperature is also colder than normal for the season. The small birds and Spaniards in general hide behind thick winter jackets and scarfs.

This climatic situation means tough businees for some of my plant on the upper terrace, where they are exposed to the cold air. So far, all my plants have put up well, and there and no signs of frost bites, even on the sensitive Ficus Robusta, which are know to be among the first native plants to be affected by low temperatures, mainly because of the high water content in the leaves.

I do not plan to take any special actions (such as taking some plants inside or cover them), since my growing filosophy is to find plants which naturally endure the winter without any special care. Having said this, I am very fond of some of my palmtrees, which I have moved to a warmer and more protected spot on my terrace.

Hopefully the temperature will move up some degrees above zero, before the whole structure of the house gets so cold that it will not protect the plants.


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